Dwelling Place

A Private Seniors Complex Care Facility
Nanaimo, BC


Music Theraphy


In-House -- activities are designed to promote both physical stimulation and mental stimulation as well as continued socialization among the residents. Although strongly encouraged, residents are not in any way forced to participate in any of the group activities. Their privacy and choice is always paramount.

Morning activities -- usually start by watching and talking about current events and local news over mid-morning tea or coffee and seasonal fruits.  They are engaged in a conversation that pertains to their surroundings. This is often followed by inspirational stories. Then they are encouraged with “low impact” exercises to help maintain or increase the mobility. Clients who require more are taken one-on-one to specialized exercise apparatus.

After the “lunch hour siesta” -- clients are engaged in other group activities such as working on puzzles, enjoying arts and crafts including colouring, and of course, their favourite – baking some yummy cookies. Of course others may just opt for extending their afternoon nap!

Outings -- clients are occasionally taken to special community events at the Bowen Seniors Complex such as concerts and other fun things organized by the city Parks & Recreation department.

A Non-Denominational Service – caps the week’s activities with Ching assisted by our volunteers. Clients are treated to music and timely Scriptural readings. Clients look forward to this weekly event.  Although enjoyed by all, the personal feelings of each resident are respected and no one is “obliged” to attend.

Outdoor activities – As weather permits the activities are moved into the garden patio where clients enjoy coffee or tea under the grape vines for their morning activity or by the vegetable garden for their afternoon activity.   

Volunteers -- come to the facility to share their gifts. Additionally professional musicians are scheduled on a regular basis.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy -- is an integral part of clients’ program.  Ching (our RN) also has her Master’s Degree in Music Therapy.  She uses music anytime of the day or evening to soothe pain, stimulate awareness and stimulate activity or to help clients relax as necessary whenever and wherever it is needed.


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