Dwelling Place

A Private Seniors Complex Care Facility
Nanaimo, BC


Types of Care Provided

Dwelling Place provides care to the needs of the client and family. Whether you require respite care for a few days or weeks or whether you need a longer term placement or undetermined amount of time, our caring team has a place for you. We have had clients and their families request to stay at Dwelling Place until the end of life.

Palliative and Hospice Care

If your family is coping with the challenges of “end of life care” for a love one (palliative), we have a room for you and a care team ready to open their hearts for you. You will find the atmosphere at Dwelling Place different from the din of the larger institutions. Your 24/7 access is a comforting thought for family as they come to grips with this significant phase in their lives.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementia Forms

Since November 1992 we have cared for clients coping with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease. Our non-threatening and homey atmosphere seem to have a calming effect on those afflicted with the disease allowing them to enjoy a far better quality of life.

General Debility and Weakness Associated with Aging

We care for clients whose needs stem from general debility associated with aging. Our staff lovingly assists with their daily needs allowing them to enjoy their remaining years with comfort and dignity. Our record is a lady who came at 92 and lived to a fruitful 104 years!

Parkinson’s  Disease and ALS

Dwelling Place provides care for clients dealing with the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease and ALS. Our care team understands the frustrations arising from the challenges of these conditions and work with the clients to meet their physical and emotional needs while keeping the client’s dignity intact.

Post-Stroke Recovery and Re-activation

We care for clients recovering from stroke as well as heart-related conditions. We work with community based PTs and OTs to help our clients regain as much of their functionality as possible.

Post Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries

We operated a one-year contract with the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital to provide convalescent and reactivation services for post-knee and hip replacement surgery clients. This gave us invaluable experience in serving this population.

Clients Requiring Special Appliances or Medical Aids

We provide care for clients with COPD requiring oxygen as well as clients who require ostomy and similar devices.

Dwelling Place Health Care Services Ltd.  / Licence 1381100   

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